Monday, January 07, 2008

Panasonic's 150-Inch Plasma TV

Whoa!!! Who has a wall that they could dedicate to something that big?

The 150-inch plasma, dubbed "Life Screen," is now the largest in the world. It boasts 2,000-by-4,000 pixel resolution and is 11 feet wide, or the size of nine 50-inch plasma TVs, Sakamoto said.

"It's capable of an amazing picture that is four times the resolution of our current full HD plasma displays," Sakamoto said. "It gives new meaning to the words reality TV."


Two years ago, Panasonic unveiled a 103-inch plasma TV that was, at the time, the largest available plasma TV. Sharp bested that record at the 2007 CES with a 108-inch device.

Panasonic sold 3,000 of the 103-inch plasmas in 2007, Sakamoto said. "Even I was amazed," he said.
I guess Panasonic decided not to mess around with a couple inches and made it much bigger to keep the record a few more years.

The 103-inch plasmas sold for $70,000 and there are reports that the 150-inch will be $100,000. All that money and no new shows until after the writer's strike :-)