Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Table Touch Screen Terminals To Replace Waiters

Sorry to those in the waitperson field but I love the idea of just ordering my own food and not having someone constantly interrupting my conversion or my meal asking "how is it?" or asking if I need anything. Or being totally ignored and have to wait forever for a refill of my iced tea.

That's because the order goes directly from your fingertips to the kitchen or bar, eliminating the possibility of human error during the transaction process. The new technology is being used at uWink, the latest offering from the founder of Chuck E. Cheese. The company said the new system is providing faster service, fewer mistakes and fewer interruptions.

"Whenever you want ... that extra glass of wine or a dessert … bingo, it happens right away," said Nolan Bushnell of uWink.

"It seems a lot more immediate. If I happen to change my mind or need an additional dish, I can order it right away even if the server is busy doing something else," patron Julie Lightner said.


However, most diners who've used the touch screens are reporting positive feedback, especially, he said, when they're allowed to close their own bills, or play games while they wait.

"We've had people from all age groups, even seniors, which we didn't expect at all, come back over and over again, having a great time," Bushnell said.