Wednesday, January 02, 2008

"Huckabee: You Can't Deny This Cross"

The writers were not too pleased with Huckabee crossing the picket line:

On the other coast, about 100 striking writers carrying signs saying "Mike Huckabee: What Would Jesus Do?" and "Huckabee: You Can't Deny This Cross" protested the Republican presidential candidate's decision to cross their union's picket line outside NBC Studios in Burbank even though he expressed "unequivocal" and "absolute" support for the writers' cause earlier in the day. He was the main guest on Leno's first Tonight Show back from strike hiatus after Jay, too, decided to cross the picket line. The pickets have been crowding every entranceway all day, from 8 AM through 6 PM, to ensure they slammed the former Arkansas governor who of all the GOP candidates running for the White House has actively solicited and received union support.
Someone might want to tell Huckabee that supporting the union means not crossing the picket line. Why make the effort to go after a voting block only to throw it away over a very public appearance?

BTW, go see the picture of Huckabee on one of the picket signs here.