Saturday, January 05, 2008

I'm actually watching the Republican debate

You can watch it live here.

Having Ron Paul at the debate is like having a Democrat there. They have to educate him about the jihadist and what they are fight for and are wasting time.

Good questions, BTW! Gibson is doing a good job.

Update: EEP! I spoke too soon! Why did we just spend a half hour talking about healthcare? Did Gibson think this was a Democrat debate?

BTW, really good tweak by Thompson of Romney and Romney better lighten up. He looks like a jerk and so does Huckabee.

Update again:Off shore drilling people!! No one has said it yet!

Updated yet again: Ahhhhhh! All the candidates were on the stage -- the Democrats and Republicans and they shook each other's hand.

Updated for the last time: Michelle was smarter than me and got screen caps of the shaking hands.

Ok, one more update: The focus group wasn't too responsive to healthcare *snicker* maybe that's because it's not our issue. It's a Democrat issue.