Friday, January 04, 2008

Thompson making a play for the Wyoming caucus

Along with Ron Paul and Romney. They caucus on Saturday and I'm hopeful they'll be a little smarter than Iowa:

Wyoming Republicans will make history Saturday when they become the first in the country to select delegates for the national GOP convention.

Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson spent $10,000 each to acquire a list of the names and contact information for party members who will help select the national delegates. Romney set up a state office in Casper, Cubin said.

There have also been calls on behalf of candidates from national GOP figures - including Mary Matalin, a former counselor to Vice President Dick Cheney, who is supporting Thompson, the former U.S. senator from Tennessee.

"The response has been terrific," Matalin said by telephone Thursday, noting that state GOP members have been keenly interested in Thompson's stance on important national issues. "The thing about Wyoming people, they just like the straight talk. I'm not spinning anybody and not offering any pointers."


Most party members are thrilled to hear from the campaign, Cubin said, and they have lots of questions about where Romney stands on issues.

"I think people are very discriminating about who they are going to support," Cubin said.

Drake Hill, a former state GOP chairman and a local coordinator for the Thompson campaign, said he and other volunteers are making a final push today.

He has been struck by how informed committee members have become about the candidates. Immigration and national security seem to be the issues people are most interested in, he said.

"They also want to find somebody who can be a leader on foreign policy," he added.
Um...that wouldn't be Huckabee, that's for sure!

And here's some good news:
Paul has some vocal supporters in the state, but he is not expected to be a favorite on Saturday.