Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thank You, Joe Carter

For including us on The EO 100. I was absolutely stunned to see our name on that list! It is amazing (and humbling) to be on the same list with Internetmonk, Adrian Warnock, La Shawn Barber, Leithart and many other great blogs.

BTW, I thought it was really funny that two blogs that are always fighting about something are tied for 9th place: The Boar's Head Tavern and Pyromaniacs. The response? Well Van Til had this to say:

At the risk of being edited by Kurt, I have to comment on the fact that the BHT is paired (a tie at #9) with a blog that has made denouncing us as apostate, blasphemous, atheistic, sub-Christian and representative of all that’s evil in the evangelical universe a regular feature.

“Lie down with dogs. Get up with fleas. Here….have a flea.”
The Pyromaniacs haven't said anything yet. I'll update if they respond on their blog.