Friday, July 06, 2007

Thompson smear of the day: He's plugging a company for ABC Radio

ABC Radio has a contract with Thompson that includes making commercials for companies that buy ad space on the radio programs and they try to connect Thompson to the co-founder who resigned because he was caught stealing money.

All-but-declared GOP presidential candidate Fred Thompson is shilling for a company whose co-founder was accused of secretly tapping into people's bank accounts.

The ex-"Law & Order" actor is airing a one-minute radio spot around the country for LifeLock, an identity-protection company co-founded by Robert Maynard.

"It's part of his contract at ABC Radio Networks. Like the other on-air talent, they are contractually obligated to do some commercials," said Thompson spokesman Mark Corallo.


Democrats jumped all over Thompson when they learned about the commercial.

"He's lobbying for the powerful special interests ... serving as the pitchman for a company whose owner is accused of fraud," said Democratic National Committee spokeswoman Stacie Paxton. "It's pretty clear that Fred Thompson stands for what's best for him and his special interest friends, not the American people," she added.

If the Democrats and the MSM think that this is going to hurt Thompson for the primary, they're pretty stupid. Clearly, they are trying to smear him, we aren't fooled. And it's such a silly smear. There's nothing connecting Thompson to this company or this guy. He's just making a commercial.