Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Has the Democratic Congress Worked For You?"

The NRCC has a new contest:

Our user-generated video contest is the latest NRCC effort to reach out to new media volunteers and give our supporters a unique platform to creatively express their opinions.

Voters across the country are quickly figuring out that the Democrats' bogus campaign rhetoric has lead to a laundry list of empty promises. So take that concept, and the slogan "Has the Democratic Congress Worked For You?" and create, produce, and direct an original web ad.
I don't think anyone -- Republican or Democrat -- can truthfully say that the Democrats are doing anything of value. Even with an issue they say they care about (children's healthcare) their arrogance and big government mentality have stopped them from working with the Republicans to pass something that the president can sign. Like the Iraq war, they thought the Republicans would be swayed by publican pressure that never materialized. This congress would actually get something done if Pelosi would do what she said she would do before the November elections: work with the Republicans in a bi-partisan manner so that they could pass legislation that both sides agree on.