Monday, October 22, 2007

Thompson making up for past gaffes in Florida

Repairing the damage he did the last time he was in Florida. I liked this answer to the Schiavo question:

"It's an intentionally personal thing with me. Decision needs to be made by the family. I was at that bedside, I had to make those decisions with the rest of my family. And I will assure you one things, no matter which decision you make, you will never know whether or not you made the right decision, so making this into a political football is something I don't welcome and this will probably be the last time I ever address it," Thompson said.
I'm bummed that he won't consider drilling in the Everglades (sorry but we need to get rid of our dependence on foreign oil - I can't see Canada getting rich off of our oil money :-)

And this is pretty funny:

Bristling at a reporter's question about his performance on the campaign trail, Thompson said he is not concerned about polls or the mixed reviews of his campaign. He says he believes the race for the nomination is fluid and there's still "lots of travel to be done" between now and next year's early voting season.

"'President' Howard Dean can tell you, things can change within a matter of days, as far as places like Iowa and other places that are going to be early primary states,"


"These other guys have been running for two years and one of the guys spent $50 million dollars, and they're apparently not asking him why he's so low in the national polls, but they're asking me why I am only second?" Thompson said.