Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Huckabee wins the Value Voters Straw Poll and yet....

The Arlington group has decided that there really is no clear choice of who to vote for:

Several conservative leaders yesterday concluded that none of the principal Republican presidential hopefuls deserves their support, not even Mike Huckabee, a Southern Baptist minister.

"There was no consensus on candidates, no agreement, period," a participant confided after the meeting, held at the Washington Hilton one day after several of their groups participated in a "Values Voters" summit at that hotel.

Then, referring to Mr. Huckabee, he said, "He's finished, I think. Bad things will be coming out about him," referring to long-standing accusations surrounding Mr. Huckabee's clemency for a rapist who later murdered someone in another state.


One major figure on the Christian Right who was considered a behind-the-scenes backer of former Tennessee Gov. Fred Thompson, said at yesterday's closed-door session that he simply didn't think any of the major Republican hopefuls could pass "the straight-face test" when it comes to commitment to Christian principles.


At a meeting of social-conservative leaders hours later Saturday, a consensus could not be reached on which of the top five Republicans to support for the Republican nomination. Mr. Huckabee garnered the most support among the two dozen leaders at that closed-door meeting.
What the heck is up with these Christians that they refuse to support someone who shares their values? Isn't it supposed to be about principle not pragmatism? Why wasn't the support stronger for Huckabee?

Update: The Romney supporters are disputing the Huckabee win, check the comments to find out why.