Thursday, October 25, 2007

3 Christian Bloggers Endorse Huckabee

Pretty significant pick up of Joe Carter, Matthew Anderson and Justin Taylor:

For several months we have admired the scrappy campaign of Gov. Huckabee but believed it would be a wasted effort to support him with our time, energy, and finances. We bought into the notion that he could never get the GOP nomination since conservative voters would not support him. And the reason we were told conservative voters would never support him is because he could not get the nomination. To quote John Piper (from a different context), "It’s like the army being defeated because there aren’t enough troops, and the troops won’t sign up because the army’s being defeated."
They make a pretty compelling case for why conservatives should vote for Huckabee. And no, they didn't convince me. I know that Huckabee isn't a federalist and I am. He believes that government can be the solution to problems and I believe government is the problem, not the solution. And though they believe that Huckabee is the antitheses of Bush, I believe he is the next iteration of Bush. He is a more articulate Bush and I don't want four more years of Bush.

Though, Huckabee is my backup candidate in case Thompson's campaign implodes.