Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stupid MSM question answered brilliantly by the Laura Bush

It's nice to have such a gracious first lady:

ROBERTS: I recently talked with Thomas Friedman of the Washington Post and also Archbishop Tutu. And Thomas Friedman said, you know, we should export hope instead of fear. Desmond Tutu went even farther, saying the generosity of Americans, that's what we should export, instead of our bombs. So, is this a way of reaching across to the world and saying, especially in this region of the world--

BUSH: Absolutely. In these countries, the United Arab Emirates is a very strong friend and ally to the United States, as is Kuwait and, you know, the other-- Jordan and Saudi Arabia, the other countries that I'll be visiting, are our allies. But you're right and Thomas Friedman's right and Desmond Tutu is right. And in fact, we do export our generosity. We just need to get the word out about it.

I would have gone off on the reporter and asked her what the heck were we supposed to do when attacked? Send them money? And what the heck does this reporter think we're doing in Africa? Haven't we spent billions on AIDS relief under President Bush? Laura Bush is right, we need to get it out there that we are generous even during a time of war. Hey, MSM! Do your job! Get the word out.