Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Mormon Speech

Looks like Romney is putting off the Mormon speech until maybe the general election (if at all).

And it looks like he's going on the attack after Huckabee:

...the Romney campaign will spend the next few weeks hitting Huckabee on other issues, like immigration and taxes, which it believes are near and dear to most Christian conservatives.


According to an opposition document leaked to Beliefnet from a Romney advisor, the campaign will also attempt to paint Huckabee as being weak on terror, as pardoning too many violent criminals as Arkansas governor, and as a weak candidate due to lack of fundraising.
Good! Hopefully that will benefit Fred Thompson :-)

Meanwhile, there are calls for Huckabee to give The Speech (or at least a call):
In the near future, the coverage of Huckabee will be an interesting exercise. How will reporters – most of whom cover politics, not faith – cover the theological underpinnings of a Huckabee candidacy? Most reporters can catch ‘inconsistencies’ in a politician’s record, but what are they to make of any religious inconsistencies?

Beyond the homespun charm and the extremely likeable persona, will the media turn this into 1960 all over again, when JFK had to distance himself from the Pope to gain additional credibility?

It’s clear by now that Huckabee would handle such questions smoothly; what is unclear is how the media will handle asking them.
What the heck? Is this guy suggesting Huckabee distance himself from Christianity? Though I know that he's leading himself into charges of wanting to set up a theocracy and trash our constitution, maybe he'll need to assure the general electorate that he doesn't want to take away their freedom (or have the power to do so).

BTW, how many MSMers do you think would even be able to spot a religious inconsistency? (I mean of the theological kind, not the moral kind :-)