Monday, December 17, 2007

Ron Paul's Tea Party took in $6 mil!

It's a sad day in American politics when our fringe candidate raises more money than our legitimate candidates:

In fact, the final tally is above $6 million. That's kind of a big deal.

Largest fundraising day in history. And he's already above $18 million for the quarter.
And it saddens me to see people like the Internet Monk supporting him:
Most of that is for one simple reason: the candidate isn’t spouting the party line and telling you what groups he’s pandering to every time he opens his mouth. No, the candidate is articulating strong beliefs, a strong vision, specific stands on issues and- here’s the really good part- has the personal character IN and OUT of political life to back up his speeches.

This is about the man, not the party, for a change. The man has my support and whatever happens, I believe the man and his campaign are going to have a deep impact on a lot of people. Something is happening in this election, and it’s not with the Messiah complex called Oprah/Obama. It’s about the thousands of disenchanted and apathetic people who are supporting Ron Paul instead of doing nothing or mailing in a vote for someone that doesn’t deserve it.
I know that he has an attractive message when it comes to smaller government and sticking to the constitution. That used to be the message of the Republican party before Bush. But his position on the war on terror is kooky and dangerous and we need someone who has an understanding of the enemy that we face and the desire to protect this nation. We don't need someone who would solve the problem by hiring mercenaries.