Friday, October 19, 2007

Joel Osteen on Jesus Christ

Obviously Joel Osteen is out promoting his new book because the other night I happened to catch him on the Glenn Beck show.

I suppose it is a good thing for him to be on other channels besides TBN because it exposes his false teaching to a wider audience. Hopefully people will see that what he preaches is not Christ but self.

Here is what he said to Glenn about Jesus Christ:

BECK: People say you are the most influential Christian pastor in the country. Does that amaze you?

OSTEEN: It amazes me.

BECK: OK, yet there`s not a lot of Jesus talk. You`re very open. You`re very welcoming to other faiths, et cetera, et cetera. If you`re a Christian leader, is it important for you to talk about Christ?

OSTEEN: I think it is. And I think that`s the core of my message, is that we believe that Christ came down on the cross, rose again for our forgiveness, and we have to receive him. But once you get past that, Glenn, being a pastor, every week I try to teach people how to live the Christian life.
Get past that?!! If Christ is his core message then how can he ever get past that? Excuse me, but isn't the gospel of Jesus Christ supposed to be the core message of Christianity? I don't see how you can ever get past that.

Not only that, but you can clearly see that Joel has a superficial understanding of the gospel according to how he defines his core message, "Christ came down on the cross, rose again for our forgiveness..." WHAT!? There are a million things wrong with this statement. This alone should be preached.

I think this interview sums up the gospel according to Joel Osteen, it's not about Christ it's about you. How sad that millions are mislead by his nice demeanor and brilliant smile.