Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fred Thompson is Kicking Tushie

In Sean Hannity's online poll:

1. Newt Gingrich 19.56%

2. Rudy Giuliani 12.04%

3. Mike Huckabee 1.30%

4. Sec. of State Condi Rice 4.16%

5. Sen. Sam Brownback 2.46%

6. Sen. Fred Thompson 51.90%

7. Sen. John McCain 1.54%

8. Gov. Mitt Romney 7.05%

Go vote for him!


Update: That Bill Hobbs is a brilliant man because I think his ticket would be great! I was thinking J. D. Hayward but his is so much better, Thompson and J. C. Watts. Both are brilliant, conservative and know how to sell the conservative agenda. Both would fill the gap that was created during the Bush years, a spokesman for our agenda. Bush lacks the ability to sell the reason for this war and for smaller government. Both Watts and Thompson would do such a better job.