Thursday, March 22, 2007

Nigeria: Christian Teacher Killed by Muslim Students

I had heard that a teacher had been killed by students in Nigeria but the news account I'd heard failed to say that she was Christian. The world has because a place of horror when a teach is killed in cold blood by her students. I can't think how a civilized society would live in these conditions and have to conclude that we are in or entering the dark age when kids kill and kids are used in attacks. I thought I couldn't be stunned by this anymore, that I knew the depths of the depravity but there is something about this attack that hits me afresh just what we are up against. Generational hatred and fighting for years to come and further devolving into barbaric behavior.

Enraged Muslim secondary school pupils have mobbed and lynched a female Christian school teacher in the North-Eastern region of Nigeria, accusing her of desecrating the Koran , reported the BBC News on Wednesday, 21 March 2007, 19:44 GMT.

The Christian school teacher was invigilating an examination at the secondary school in Gombe state when she was attacked and murdered in cold blood by the Muslim pupils. And to prevent the outbreak of a religious riot, the authorities have shut all the schools in the locality.
We will probably see more of this as Islam is taken over more and more by the radical element. This type of radical Islam is ultimately lawless and will become increasingly out of control (even more so than today, believe it or not). When a fatwa is called, anyone can bring down the enemy, so in that environment, is it any wonder that kids will take the "law" into their own hands and execute someone that they believe broke the "law?"

Join me in praying that the Lord will protect those who live in Muslim areas and that he will open the eyes of those too blinded by their hatred to see the truth of His word. Pray that they will discover how barbaric they have become.

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