Friday, March 30, 2007

Rosie on Iran and 911

Oh. My. Heck! This woman has absolutely no sense whatsoever and yeah, you could say, "What else is new." But each stupid comment that comes out of her mouth shocks me even more. She actually says, "It's very hard in America when anyone from the Mid East has been so demonized that no matter what it's impossible for some people to believe that the Iranians could do anything ethical."

Are you insane, woman? You're talking about a country that just kidnapped sailors in Iraq's water and then paraded them on TV in violation of the Geneva convention.

And it's impossible for the towers to fall without explosives? Doesn't she realize how hot the fire got? There was a plane filled with fuel, the hijackers deliberately selected flights that they knew were going west so that they would be filled with fuel. Doesn't she understand that steel melts (at an extremely high temperature?)

And the war on terror is propaganda? These women have lost their mind.

Please, someone needs to get Elizabeth out of there before they turn that poor girl into someone who trusts our enemies more than our government. They are targeting her and trying to convince her of their warped view and she appears to be weakening.

Popular Mechanics responds to Rosie's rant (via).