Thursday, June 07, 2007

Can Joe Klein really be this clueless?

Is this an act or is it even remotely possible that he actually believes this stuff?

But the smart stuff is being drowned out by a fierce, bullying, often witless tone of intolerance that has overtaken the left-wing sector of the blogosphere. Anyone who doesn't move in lockstep with the most extreme voices is savaged and ridiculed—especially people like me who often agree with the liberal position but sometimes disagree and are therefore considered traitorously unreliable. Some of this is understandable: the left-liberals in the blogosphere are merely aping the odious, disdainful—and politically successful—tone that right-wing radio talk-show hosts like Rush Limbaugh pioneered. They are also justifiably furious at a Bush White House that has specialized in big lies and smear tactics.

Joe Klein sounds like the pot smoking father who's surprised that his son is a heroin addicted who is ready to blame anyone else but his own bad example. The left side of the blogosphere has raging BSD because the media has BSD and they've been pushing it since the 2000 election. Everyone knows it but the pot heat (who probably is in denial that he helped create this mess).

I'm glad that the monster is attacking it's creator so that they can get a taste of what they wrought. Reap what you sow, baby! Reap what you sow.