Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sarah Maria Santorum's tears inspire McBride song

It's great that Santorum's child can see first hand the truth of her father's words that good things can come from bad things.

This is the story of a defeated senator, his crying daughter, a Nashville songwriter and Martina McBride, the country music star.

It begins in Pittsburgh on election night 2006. Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.), losing to Democrat Robert P. Casey Jr. by a wide margin, gathered his wife and six children around a hotel ballroom microphone and conceded.

The little girl at his side, Sarah Maria Santorum, then 8, wept. She squeezed her eyes and wiped her tears. She buried her face in her father’s arm, pulled away and cried some more — all on live, national television.

The image became an instant Internet sensation, fueled by snarky blogs like Wonkette, which declared it the “official screenshot of the 2006 congressional midterm elections,” and was debated for weeks on comment boards.

Now it’s a country music single.

McBride released the song, “For These Times,” on Monday — a social commentary inspired, in part, by Sarah Maria Santorum.

“I always tell my children that good things come from bad things,” Rick Santorum said in an interview this week.
I guess I missed the left side of the blogsphere's shot at a little girl. How compassionate, you can really see how they care for the little children (as they keep reminding us all the time).