Wednesday, October 17, 2007

See what the Jesus doll manufacture has wrought!

This is soooo wrong!

Jesus doll sanctifies shelves at Wal-Mart
If that wasn't bad enough, how about this:
Down the Wal-Mart aisle, past the hot brunette Barbie wearing an (always low-cut) dress upon perfect bosoms and the GI "Commando" with a gun larger than his body for "rapid-action" firing during a large-scale assault, he serenely sits on the shelf.

Jesus, the son of God.

He's wearing a simple tunic with that Kenny Loggins haircut. Push the button on his back and he says this:

"I am Jesus. I am the son of God."


On the box for Jesus, these words are printed: "God's Son" and "Fully Poseable."
Yes, just what we need, a fully poseable deity.

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