Friday, December 29, 2006

Losing weight is the number one New Year resolution for women

Losing weight topped my list. I wonder how many had brush up on Greek and Hebrew :-)

More women make New Year's resolutions, but men are more likely to say they keep them, according to a poll of American adults released on Thursday.

Losing weight topped the list of resolutions made by women, while the leading vow among men was to be a better person


Forty-six percent of women surveyed said they would make such promises, while 41 percent of men planned to do so, the poll showed.

Of those who made resolutions last year, 71 percent of men and 57 percent of women said they kept at least part of it, the poll said.

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I have a very short list here with a link to the top ten resolutions which might be helpful if you are having trouble coming up with a list (brushing up on Greek and Hebrew did make the list). And here's a link to Jonathan Edward's list.

Updated to add: Douglas Groothuis' list of 15 "refusals" (via).