Thursday, December 14, 2006

We got a good review!

So, check this out:

Reformed Chicks Babbling gets my vote. The blog is the cure for what ails reformed (i.e. Calvinist) blogging. They're unpretentious and honest in their views. They've got a fabulous template and are doing a great job of networking. The most amazing thing is they're on Blogspot, but it doesn't look ameaturish. An accomplishment indeed
He is going through the major categories and reviewing each of the blogs and then picking the one that has his vote (I hope that means he actually casts a vote :-). I'm pleased that he noticed that we aren't trying to be your typical cranky Reformed blog (just kidding -- well, sort of). I'm a little bummed he didn't mention snarky or sarcastic. Oh, well. And I was so happy he mentioned the template, even though I didn't design it, I take great pride in what our blog looks like because I do pick out the title bar graphic and mess with the colors to get the right effect.

I know it's a little late in the game but I'll be switching my vote in some of the categories based on his recommendation. One of the blogs is this one. I was lazy when I got to this category so I was voting on title alone. I actually went to the blog today and discovered that you can't leave comments. Sorry, but I hate that. So, I'm switching.

In other news, Behar demonstrates a total lack of class and decorum in this video.