Tuesday, December 26, 2006

This is a Christmas message?

UK Channel 4 seems to think so, you be the judge.


BTW, her view of the holiday is not universally accepted:

Is it religiously acceptable for Muslims to wish their Christian colleagues or acquaintances a Merry Christmas? In Kuwait, it depends on who you ask.

Days before the holiday that is not officially celebrated in this small oil-rich state, fundamentalists like Mohammed al-Kandari began urging fellow Muslims not to extend the greeting to Christians they know.

Al-Kandari, who heads the Society of Sharia, or Islamic law, told Al-Watan daily the celebration contradicted with Islam because Christians believe Jesus was the son of God.

BTW, an interesting side note in the above article:
There are few hundred Kuwaiti Christians among the country's 1 million citizens. However, many of the 2 million foreign workers who live here are Christian
I think it's amazing that their foreign workers out number the citizens. If they got together, they might be able to overthrow the government.