Thursday, December 28, 2006

Saddam's death will be filmed

Updated: We're getting a lot of hits on this post from people looking for the Saddam Hussein death video, if you really want to see his death, someone filmed it with a cellphone. Go here for the link.

But it may not be shown. I think that it's a very good idea to film the death of Saddam because people will not believe that he is really dead without proof:

Saddam Hussein's final moments will be videotaped by the Iraqi government, reports CBS News correspondent Randall Pinkston. National Security adviser Mouffak al Rubaie says the date of the deposed dictator's execution will not be made public, to avoid possible unrest from Saddam's supporters, but everything from the signing of the final orders by the judge, to the hanging itself will be recorded.

Iraqis, members of the coalition and international representatives will witness the execution. It's not clear whether the videotape will be broadcast on Iraqi television.

An Iraqi government official says efforts are under way to carry out the death sentence by the end of this month, indicating that they want to do the execution before the Muslim celebration of Eid, which coincides with the New Year.
Updated: Saddam to die by Sunday.
Saddam will be hanged before the start of the Eid religious holiday, which begins this Sunday.
I wonder if they'll have time to weed through all the applications to be the executioner.