Friday, March 02, 2007

"Jesus" tomb links

Ben Witherington has been doing some fine analysis of the claims made by Cameron and Jacobovici here and here. Also, James White is interviewed about the "Jesus" tomb here.

When you really think about the body of evidence against this "find" and how easy it is to dispute (it didn't take bloggers long to uncover the problems with the evidence), it's amazing to me that the Discovery Channel would want to have their name associated with it. The documentary and the book are a source of ridicule which could have easily been avoided if they had talked to the archaeologists and scholars before they produced the movie and the book. It's clear that this isn't meant to doing anything but to make a fast buck before the whole thing unravels.

BTW, according to James White the type of DNA test (mitochondrial DNA -- from the mother) that was used can only prove that they weren't brother and sister or mother and son. It can't prove that they weren't father and daughter.

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