Sunday, March 04, 2007

We're a Pajamas Media Straw Poll precinct

The Reformed Chicks are now a precinct for the Pajamas Media Straw Poll, just click on the graphic in the sidebar to vote.

Though, I'm a little upset to see that Fred Thompson is not a choice. They have other undeclared candidates, they should include him. And for all you naysayers out there, check this out:

It isn't just politicals who are talking up Thompson. According to RNC fundraisers we've spoken with over the past couple of months, Thompson is someone mentioned as a prospective candidate by some West Coast and Southern party money men who would like to see him enter the race.

"He's a bankable name on a couple of different levels. Donors love to have him at fundraisers," says one Chicago-based RNC donor.
And this:
We hear that his buddies are strongly urging him to jump into the already packed GOP race. "The draft-Fred movement grows," says one ally, citing several blogs pushing Thompson, who has been feeding his fans with occasional commentary-laced fill-in work for radio's Paul Harvey.
There's still time for him to enter the race and have the cash to do it. Run, Thompson, run!

BTW, there is interest in his candidacy on the net, I get hits all the time from googlers looking for information about Thompson. If you are a googler, go here for the draft Thompson message board and here for Thompson's record.