Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Sunshine Boys can't save Iraq according to Frank Rich, theater critic

We have lost the war according to Frank Rich:

Taking it all the way, this time, Rich writes: "The actual reality is that we have lost in Iraq."

"The Iraq-Vietnam parallels at this juncture are striking," Rich explains, in an op-ed he has titled: "THE SUNSHINE BOYS CAN'T SAVE IRAQ."

Rich declares: "As bad as things may seem now, they can yet become worse, and not just in Iraq.

"The longer we pretend that we have not lost there, the more we risk losing other wars we still may salvage, starting with Afghanistan."
That's a funny line, "The Sunshine Boys" (he,he) so true! But all I got to say is you ain't no Walter Cronkite, baby. Why in the world would we accept military analysis from a theater critic?