Monday, October 16, 2006

60 Minute's Voter Suppression Piece

60 Minutes was clearly trying to upset the Christians last night and it worked (if you didn't watch and don't know who the guest was go here). I'm upset that they think we're stupid enough to think that it matters what some bureaucratic drone thinks of the president and his staff (can only say, sour grapes).

We watched for 5 minutes and couldn't stand it any more and had to turn it off. Look, I could care less how the politicians view us. I can understand why they would think Pat Robertson was insane. But the big question is this, how does the left view Christians? We all know that those who value the life of an unborn baby and fear for the safety of our nation, have no place in the Democrat party.

It is clear that the MSM is trying to get us to stay home, it's not going to work, as far as I'm concerned. I'm even more eager to vote now than I was before. Good going 60 Minutes! Thanks for energizing the base.

After a while Doug turned the TV back on and we had to listen to the doddering old man make no sense at all. First he said that we should have went to war against North Korea instead of Iraq and then he said we shouldn't.

Why, oh why did CBS have to move The Amazing Race to Sunday nights? And why, oh why is it always late to start?