Monday, October 16, 2006

Oh. My. Heck!!! He called for a fast

Man, it was a good thing we turned off the TV last night because I missed the worst:

"I have this burden on my heart that the name of God is just being destroyed in the name of politics," Kuo says. "I felt like I had to write this."

"You're calling for a fast. That's your expression," Stahl remarks.

"Yes. I think that Christians, particularly evangelical Christians need to take a step back. To have a fast from politics," he replies. "People are being manipulated. Good well-meaning people are being told, 'Send your money to this Christian advocacy group or that.'Â’ And that's the answer. It's just not the answer. It's not the answer."
So, this election we should fast from political involvement? And the Speaker of the House will be a pro-abortion, anti-war liberal, yes that makes sense. That will really help us and the country. God will be honored by that gesture. Don't get me wrong, I don't think the Republicans are the candidates and I certainly don't think Jesus is a Republican, but it is the duty of Christians to render to Caesar what is Caesar's and that would include our taxes and our participation in the voting process.

It is our duty to vote and we should vote for the person that would represent us and I know a pro-abortion Democrat doesn't represent me. There is no fasting for me because there is no reason. I've never mixed Christianity with politics, I don't believe in a theocracy and I have no desire to impose Christianity on anyone who is not interested. I have never looked for a political savior and I wouldn't start now. I participate in the process because it is in my and my children's best interest to do so, now more than ever when our nation is faced with so many enemies and we have our freedoms to protect. To abstain from that responsibility is ludicrous and a dereliction of my duty to my kids. Why should I put the lives of my kids at risk because some guy doesn't like the way the Christian right embraces Republicans. I don't like it either but I'm not going to sit down and allow our country to be run by those who have no idea how to fight a war and have no desire to do so. At least not without a fight.

I am so glad we turned the TV off last night or that comment would have sent me into a rage and I'm sure I would have had a heart attack. And I need to be in good health for my Gospels midterm tomorrow.

BTW, one thing that irritated me last night was this (it was right after this segment that we turned off the TV):
Part of the problem, he says, was indifference from "the base," the religious right. He took 60 Minutes to a convention of evangelical groups his old stomping ground - and walked around the display booths, looking for any reference to the poor.

"You've got homosexuality in your kid's school, and you've got human cloning, and partial birth abortion and divorce and stem cell," Kuo remarked. "Not a mention of the poor."
Maybe Christians believe that the poor would be better served by the churches and not some bureaucratic agency. Doesn't this guy go to church? Helping the poor is something that churches do all the time.

(Link via Jonah at The Corner)