Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More Voter Suppression

More voter suppression, this time from CNN:

Soledad O'Brien: "Here's what you write -- you say, 'Christians vote our money, our energy. Every politician needs evangelicals. 'You go on to say, 'It's like a teenaged boy out on a date with a beautiful girl; they'll say anything and everything to get what they want. Let's not give it to them. Let's tell them we are fasting from politics for a season.' Are you saying, stay away from the polls? Three weeks, when we go to the midterm elections, don't vote?"

David Kuo: "Absolutely not."

O'Brien: "What's fasting mean?"

Kuo: "When I'm talking about the fast, I'm talking after the election."

O'Brien: "What kind of a fast is it if you stuff yourself silly and then you go on a fast?"


O'Brien: "That season starts after the midterm elections?"

Kuo: "Yes, I certainly didn't write this for the midterm elections."

O'Brien: "That's interesting timing."
And Blitzer tries to get the Christians mad at Karl Rove:
Blitzer: "And the charge you're making is that these guys, who I assume, from the President, Karl Rove, and other top officials in the White House, you're making the charge they are a bunch of hypocrites?"

Kuo: "Wolf, I'm making a spiritual point to Christians about politics. I'm saying before you invest so much of your soul, so much of your lives in politics, yeah, understand how you are viewed. You know, I think that it's important for evangelical Christians to take a temporary step back from politics to fast."


Blitzer: "Here is what Pat Robertson said in reacting to your book: 'I find it hard to believe again that someone like Karl Rove who depends so terrifically on what he calls 'the base,'’ that he would behind the scenes make snide remarks. It just doesn't compute.' Did Karl Rove make snide remarks about evangelical Christians that you heard, that you were an eyewitness to?"

Blitzer: "What about the notion in the book, you spoke about Karl Rove eye-rolling when he was talking about these people?"

Kuo: "I don't think I specifically say that Karl Rove eye-rolled. I said, I think lots of people did eye-roll and that's true."

Blitzer: "Was Karl Rove one of them?"
It's so obvious what's going on here. You guys aren't subtle at all, are you?

It doesn't sound like Blitzer and O'Brien were his target audience. I don't think he's going to be reaching the people he wanted to read his book. I suspect that more people on the left than on the right will be buying this book. It's clear he's being used by the left to score political points. I've revised my opinion of him, he's not a traitor, he's a patsy.

Here's the bottom line, if Bush hadn't given the Christian right what they wanted all these years (partial birth abortion ban, a ban on federal funds for stem cell research, anti-activist judges) then I could see the Christian right believing this but we know he's with us. Even Robertson sees that. It's not going to work, MSM we don't believe that Bush or Rove hold us or our values in contempt, just the opposite, they hold them, as well. And even if they did hold us in contempt, why would we care since they're doing what we want.

(Link via Tim Graham of The Corner)

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