Saturday, October 28, 2006

Politicial Ads

This ad is pretty good, it answers the charge that Michael Steele isn't for stem cell research. His sister has MS. People shouldn't throw stones, until they see who they are attempting to hit (in other words, do your research Democrats before you slander your opponent).

And here is a funny ad aimed at the fact that Menendez is under "federal criminal investigation."

But Chris Matthews sees something more in the ad:

MATTHEWS: Well maybe because I've spent so much of my life in New Jersey... but you know, I have to tell you Charlie, it's an ethnic ad. Whatever else it is, it's an ethnic ad. It's about Italians in New Jersey, it's about the mob. Tying Menendez into Torricelli. They're closing the loop, they're making their point, and that has been politics in that state for years, between the WASPy people like Christie Todd Whitman and the Keans, father and son, running against the ethnic people, they tied it all together: If you're ethnic, you're a crook, right?
(via The Influence Peddler)