Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Video Comparing Lieberman to Nixon

This has got to be the most childish argument I have ever seen:

Of course there are going to be comparisons between two wars that are unpopular with the news media. And I say the new media and not the public because I believe that the news media didn't like Vietnam and did everything imaginable to end that war. They are trying to do the same with Iraq. They want the public to think we are losing the war but we aren't, the military hasn't lost a single battle over there. Yeah, terrorists are hitting them hard but they're cowards and they fight like cowards.

So, it would make sense that Lieberman has to say the same things about Vietnam that Nixon said. Nixon was right, when we pulled out, millions were killed. And if we pull out, it will be even worse. The only way this becomes another Viet Nam is if the Democrats get control of Congress.

But this war is very unlike Viet Nam in a very important way, we will not be able to walk away from this war as we did in Viet Nam because the enemy will follow us home. Terrorists won't stop fighting us if we pull out. They will just go where we are. They will continue to hit us until they break our will, just as they continue to hit Israel.

(Link via The Blotter)