Thursday, October 26, 2006

ScrappleFace's Answer to Michael J. Fox's Ad

The perfect response to Michael J Fox's manipulative ad:

And then there's this:
Mrs. McCaskill said her use of a writhing and twitching Mr. Fox to highlight her support of expanded funding for embryonic stem cell research was "fair play", and simply meant to show that incumbent Sen. Jim Talent "while talking about the importance of family ties, actually wants Alex P. Keaton to suffer and die."

However, she said the Michael J. Embryo ad "absolutely crosses the line" by using a fetal actor to "stir up the irrational compassion of voters who should never be forced to think about the implications of stem cell research."

Scott Ott really understands the thinking of his target. The Democrats really do act like their opponents want people to suffer and die.

(Link via Hot Air)

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