Thursday, October 19, 2006

Say it on the record, you cowards

I hate these nameless Republican party officials. If you are so sure of yourself and know what you're talking about, then say it on the record. Why stab the party in the back under the cloak of darkness? Be bold about it, so that you can brag when we lose:

Republican officials now concede they could lose a net of 23 to 27 seats in the House, that higher figure being close to twice the 15 Democrats would need to take control. Democrats would need six seats to take control of the Senate, and Republican officials tell TIME they see several scenarios for warding that off. One Republican strategist close to the White House gave this forecast: "We're going to lose Pennsylvania, Ohio and Rhode Island. That's three. Virginia, I think we hold. Tennessee, I think we hold. I'm less certain we're going to hold Missouri and I'm least certain we hold Montana. But to take control, Democrats have to win three of those four, and that's unlikely." If Democrats picked up five, the chamber would be 50-50, guaranteeing frequent appearances by Vice President Cheney as President of the Senate.

Some White House officials became convinced that the House might be lost after they saw polls showing the page scandal had brutalized Republican approval ratings, and one senior party official says that's also part of the reason that the party's hold on the Senate is in such peril. "I kind of see the Foley thing as the tipping point," the official said. "People are just unhappy already and that just did it."
You people are just dupes for the MSM who are deliberately trying to suppress the vote.

And in response to Tony Snow's comment on the Drudge Report:
Tony Snow on election coverage: 'These stories almost look like suppression efforts to bring down Republican morale'...
Ya think? But it won't work for me, they are making me so mad, that I'm going to get up early to vote. That's how mad I am. Do they think we're stupid? Well, we are if we do what they want. Sit out the vote, go ahead. Give them what they want. But I'm not. I won't give them the satisfaction.

(Link via Drudge Report)