Sunday, October 22, 2006

Live Blogging Andy Rooney

Once again I had to sit through Andy Rooney, so I thought I would live blog it.

Why doesn't Andy Rooney know anything? He's sitting here telling me that he doesn't know why we're in Iraq, why doesn't he just listen to what Bush has said over and over again? Shouldn't a newsmen, know the news? Why is such an ignorant man on my TV blathering on about a subject he doesn't know anything about?

And what is really over the top is that he thinks Bush should get on TV and admit he made a mistake going into Iraq. Bush knows it wasn't a mistake, why should he do that?

CBS, time to retire Andy Rooney. Either that are put The Amazing Race on at 8:00 and stop forcing us to watch him because I don't think my blood pressure can take it.

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